Let's Help Her Up

Have you ever heard of Life Alert?
I did a few years ago but not recently.
And now I feel that it is time to do some looking into the program.

My mom in law has fallen several times this year.
Her knees are really bad and she has had surgery.
My dad in law had to have a leg amputated last year.
So he has a very hard time helping her when she has fallen.

I think that it is time for all the kids (well adults now) to pool together.
And use the Life Alert system to help them both out.
I bet that it would be a great idea for my mom and dad in law to have the Life Alert system.
Can you imagine if my dad in law with one leg falls and my lil bitty mom in law trying to help him get up.

Thankfully they already have special insurance for care flight.
Now if the need help they can push a button and 911 will be called.
I just have that image in my mind of "help, I've fallen and I can't get up".
I know that I really do not want that to be my family.

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  1. I remember that! But I hated the commercial!


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