Kitchen Organization

Nessa keeps me so busy.
Honest she really does.

You should see all the things she accomplishes.
They moved into a house that had sat empty for a long long long time.
Then they emptied the house as it was left as it was when the owners had passed.
Next it was all the yard that had overgrown.
Then electrical, sheet rock, paint, decorate, gardens...and now they are working on the kitchen.

She is going to have MY kitchen. Yeah, really!
Red and white country kitchen.
And I know just what to add to it for her.

A hanging enclume pot rack.
You know where your can reach up and pick the pot or pan you need to cook with.
Wait! Problem with that.
Nessa is....well on the short side.

Ok they have enclume pot racks that hang on the wall.

No still the issue of too low on the wall.
I can't help it that Nessa is short, I mean small.

Ok, Ok, I can still do this.
There are enclume standing pot racks.
There we go.
Nessa can use that.
Oh and a step stool.


  1. just found your blog and you crack me up, so up beat, love it!, think I will become a follower

  2. LOL....Lynette, you're crazee

  3. oh yeah, and don't come crying to me when Nessa walks her "short" self across the road and beats you up. :)

  4. Short? Who, me? That's not very nice. I think I'll have Grandma hit ya like she did me the other day.

    Hey Juls, be forwarned, Grandma is likely to slap you while sitting on the front porch. Lynette's place is dangerous lately, lol!

  5. Thank goodness Grandma punched, I mean slapped Nessa. There was a gynormous misquito sucking her life blood out of her!
    Go Grandma, hit her again!


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