Relaxed. Checked that off List.

Well it has been a quiet evening in the ol' hacienda tonight.
My mom is at her regular Friday night card game with the ladies.
Dear Hubby and College Girl are both at work.
At the same place so at least the get to see each other.
And I spent some quality time just reading a book.

Now relaxed, it is time for me to focus on some household jobs.
Okay, Okay--I do all kinds of household jobs all the time you say.
Well what is a girl to do?
I have to say I am quite OCD about my responsibilities.
I feel like I need to have everything all done all the time.
And to second guess what may need to be done and accomplish that too.
I would love to change but that would be like telling me to stop breathing.
Just part of who I am.

I am glad God gave me enough energy to do this.
That is one of the few things I do not run out of.
Yes, I do get tired but I keep on going the majority of the time.
Must be part of the chemical imbalance I have???

So what kind of quirks, personality traits or life style do you have others do not understand?
Like I do not want my food to touch or be mixed.
Or I need things to be in order--yeah an order that makes sense to me but not always others.
And I want to make people happy.
You know what I mean.

Fess up and let me know we all are part of this "Crazed Mind" thing.

So what quirks, personality traits or life styles do you have no one else understands?
I do not like my food to touch or mix.
Or I have my clothes hanging in order and by season.
Mostly I just want to take care of every thing around me and keep it all straight.


  1. wow it must be hard to stay in that much control of everything! im very much the other way - i have no problem letting Whoever is in Charge take care of it all. i think that's probably what other people dont understand - im not lazy - im just letting go and letting god ;).

  2. My biggest Quirk is I am a scheduler, Everything, All day.. I say, ok.. I am now going to do ... this, this, and this... My biggest peeve is when someone(usually my mom who shares my home) will say.. well wait before you do that can you do this, this and this.... ERRRR no.. because you are now messing with me schedule.. Even if it is something like I am going to the basement to switch laundry, sweep the floor, take out the trash.. she will say before you do can you make me a cup of coffee, check the mail.. and whatever.. I always do it for her.. but sure does Irk me sometimes.. Mom's what are you going to do.. Also I do not run late.. I am early or right on time.. NOT LATE.. I detest when others are late.. and if I am waiting on you so I can leave you better be on time..
    I have some siblings who are late for everything.. drives me insane.
    One more quirk that drives my family crazy.. I love to cook.. I can not cook in a dirty kitchen(meaning dirty dishes). I have dish water running and wash dishes the whole time I am cooking. I like the kitchen to be clean when I am finished. I can't stand to walk into a kitchen and find dishes.. Drives me Crazy.. literally.. I will wash anyones dishes... I know that part is really crazy. ok.. done venting.. aren't you glad you asked.. Have a fantastic day.. its a beautiful day here in Ohio.. I am off to a birthday party for my nephew.. Hmm Wonder if there will be any dirty dishes..

  3. I like things to match - my bra and panties, my dishes, mt glasses, etc.

    And I hate being late. I'm usually 15 minutes early for everything. When other people make me late I get a little crazy - I find it so rude.


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