Spiffing up the place

My brother in law was down last weekend to visit. It is so nice to see him as he is the local Santa Claus. Just ask Nessa's kids. He is like a pied piper to children. He must smell like warm baked sugar cookies or something. Well when he is here it usually means there is a project at his folks house (my in laws). And it did. Building a dog pen for my mom in laws new doggie. Dan (Nessa's hubby got roped into this one).

But I think next weekend is a trip to San Antonio where BIL lives. He is handy but I am sure we are going to need a San Antonio plumber to do the job. Mine, that I do the answering service for said he would do the job but the $$ for the house call would be out of this world. HA HA I love seeing what all these men can do. Handy man style you know. But there are times to call in a professional.

I think we all have our houses in redo around here. Most of us all purchase a place with a mental eye of how we can change it. Put our mark on it. Guess it is the puppy dog in all of us. What projects are you working on? What should you have called a pro in on. Who is the handy man there?

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