Messages in a Bottle

Short one today ladies. Or at least for now. I have a funeral to attend this morning. So say a pray for the passing and her family. I am thinking of something on a more serious note to share. I try and keep it lite around here but......considering.

A few quick messages:

Juls--glad you love the apron. We had to make you a CRAZEE one. And it is to honor your memory of your grandmother. The story touched us very much.

Nessa--I pick on your lil mailbox cause I love ya! And I hope you get to feeling better today.

Lillian--Thanks for coming by, please keep on. It will get better. This week has been very hap-hazard.

Serienty--I love the awards and will post them this week. Promise! Your a good loyal reader and I am loving getting to know you.

Everyone--I am in a lil slump. Puter issues and then me not able to slow down inside my own home to get what I want on here. Will be better in next few days.


  1. Hang in there Lynette. We will all still be here when you're ready! :)

  2. Big Hugs to you Lynette! :) I'll pray for the loved ones of the family... And I'll pray for you... Hoping things get easier...


  3. ((((Hugs)))) My thoughts and prayers are with you!


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