Mardi Gras in Florida?

Did you know that Mardi Gras was still going on? I didn't! But it is at Universal Studios Orlando. And I wanna go! Actually we had a email from one of CG's old high school friends. She moved to Florida several years back but they have always stayed close. Thank goodness for Internet and messenger for that. Well she called to talk to CG about her theater internship. It seems that a lot of theater students will get jobs acting at the theme parks during the summer. There is also costumes, makeup and sets that has to be designed every year too. And since she had been visiting USO during their Mardi Gras show she was all pumped up.

Universal Islands of Adventure is divided up into "islands" . Yeah, I just said that redundant sentence. Silly me. Oh well. As CG would say--On with the show! Jurassic Park would be a great place for CG to get experience with set design. Seuss Landing is a marvel of ideas to make costumes of all kinds. Marvel comic book superheroes have to have great make up. There would be so many places that CG could learn from. We know that looking into an internship is a hard process. It is nice that her friends are out scouting around for her.

I wonder how many people it takes to put on these productions night after night. You have the floats to create, decorate, maintain for months. And the complete "street" is a a marvelous set. Recreating the atmosphere of New Orleans right down Bourbon Street. So many actors and actresses (I know not politically correct wording here.) I am not surprised that CG would love to live in this type of fantasy world all the time. Of course it all comes with some really hard work. But think of the fun you get to have too?

And you know I would be all about the food! Yes, I love quick, yummy treats anytime. I know we would not be able to eat it ALL. LOL But you understand. To get to try so many different items. I made a foodie out of my CG. But she is still just as thin as can be. Oh how I wish I had those genes.

Well this is another aspect of what a internship may be for CG. Good thing we have a whole 'nother year to make a final decision. And find a way to finance the time period too.

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  1. Hey Miss Thang,
    I am just poppin in to ask if you're interested in guest posting next Friday (April 17th).... you're next on the list! :) Let me know if it works for you.

    I'll be back a.s.a.p. to catch up on your posts... Big D's Grandmother was taken by ambulance to the hospital in Amarillo, and is in ICU. He and his mom left early this morning to go--and I'm here on standby with the girlies... But we may be heading out soon...


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