Getting the Joints Wet

My mom-in-law has had a lot of problems with her knees. And at 70+ years it is not surprising at all. But she has found a great upside to it all. Swimming! Spas!

Yeah, she was told that she had to do Aquatic therapy for her knees. And that she did. With a little hesitation at first. I mean who wants to pop on a bathing suit in your 70's? But once she started then it was a love affair. She was quite upset when they told her that she had to stop. Insurance only does so much you know.

Well we started looking into other options for her. It really was helping and she adored it so. We found that you can get Hydrotherapy pools in your home. Of course you need the room for it too. But it was really wonderful to look at what all they can do. And of course dream of the great relaxation too. Now water exercise in a swim spa is really good for you. And not hard on your joints. Many seniors are finding the benefits of doing this type of exercise for therapy. Heck I would love it myself with the weight I have on me. I am exercising all I can but some days my knees hurt so bad from the RA I have that I just can't do it. That is really when I wish I had a pool to jump in. Well, climb in at least. And think how fast it could cool me down during my ever frequent hot flashes.

Well my mom-in-law does not have the room for one. And we do not have a YMCA in our lil town. But there is a therapy clinic that we are looking into. Hoping that pooling our funds we can buy her a "membership" so she can continue her water exercise. It sure would make her happy and feel much better.


  1. ...I don't like to get in a swim suit @ 30, but I do it anyway. Water therapy/excercise is the greatest. :)

    Hoping you can pull your resources and get your MIL the membership...

  2. i dont like the feeling of chlorine on my skin but my mother loves her water aerobics class... hope you find a reasonable alternative to give your mom some relief!!! thanks for stopping by my angel blog!!! xoxox..... annie


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