Day by Day

Today was not a special day. Nor was it monumental. Today was just a day. A good day. One that your glad you had. Nothing amazing happened. Events were ordinary. But at the same time it felt like there was a sizzle to it. An energy that floated around the edges. I could name off the events, chores and even quiet moments. Not that it would explain. Fill in the blanks your self.

Today I woke at___________
I had a commitment to do ___________
My biggest chore was ______________
I was able to enjoy ______________

See nothing amazing. But still had a great gusto as days go.


  1. good day, for sure-I'd say!

  2. Day By Day is such a beautiful song. Thanks for sharing!

    Those everyday days are the best kind aren't they? Nothing really special about them, but you are glad you have them. Afterall, we should be so thankful for every day we are given.

    By the way, your blog is a great read!


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