Colorful Dream

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Special Thanks to Charity (one of DH's Bosses) for the lovely pic

The above picture is titled "Colorful Dream". And it is a dream come true for many people. First this is CG's baby sister Emma on her poppa's side. Emma is also her mothers only child. And she was conceived when poppa was 50 years old. Yeah! 50! Of course we all love her. Now on to my thoughts.

Fantasies twirl away in all of our minds. We dream wild things from flying to being a wild animal to winning the lottery (that we never play) or just finding that person who wants to hold us and keep us safe. And the dreams keep us sane. We don't go wild up and down the streets (well we are not counting Crazee Juls-lol). Having our fantasies we can take out our frustrations on those with out ever telling them. Or imagine what it would be like to be loved by another. And are we not glad of it?

Mine? First and foremost is a boring one but what I most dwell on. Just being able to pay my bills and have money for food and necessities along with some we can put up to save. Not asking much????? Well, I know many people are in the same spot. I no longer dream of that special someone now that I have DH--he is the one! Wild fantasy??? Hummmmm--now that is a hard one for me. I guess it would really be losing at least 100 lbs. (I still would not be small-but healthier).

So, what is your fantasies? What are your wildest dreams? Or the one you dwell on the most?


  1. Hey girl....Yeah, I am crazee like that! :) You always make me smile.... And speaking of winning the lottery, I answered one of your questions...yesterday... I'm not sure if you caught it.but you can read it here:

  2. I'd have to say winning the lottery, as long as it was something like 250 million dollars, because any less and I'd piddle it away.

  3. Hey Lynette,

    Was I supposed to post your Guest Post...or are you? :) Let me know!

  4. I don't know where Emma lives, but it sure looks cool.

  5. I dream of finding the one who would take the risk of loving me regardless of me. Of wanting to keep me safe. And letting me love him in return.

  6. I dream of finding inner peace and not being afraid of my own shadow anymore.


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