Call me CD

I am a CD. Computer Dummy. That is okay, I married a CD too. I love doing this here blog. I love that it gives me a voice. That it is an outlet. A way to connect with others. I spend way too much time alone and this helps me be less lonely. But....

If it was not for the ease of this site I could not do this. I know there is ways to have web hosting. But I would think I would have to make tea and crumpets to do it correctly. Also there are those like Nessa who know how to do it and not even have to use lace doilies. She can blog host and it amazes me. She did Mary's B&B and her cooking blog. Whew!

Well I am just trying to do what lil I can. Now don't forget my Reader Appreciation Give Away. The link is just below-----or above----well close by here somewhere.

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