Checking In

Well this may be interesting for me to do. I am currently at my very bestest friends house. LOL Nessa I love ya but sorry not across the street. No I outside of San Antonio in a town named Boerne. Currently I am sitting on her couch with a keyboard precariously balanced on my crossed legs. It is wireless and I have to have it aimed just right for the signal to get to the tower across the room. Also her screen is across the room like a TV screen would be. Oh and the wireless mouse is roaming across the couch.

We had a leisurely drive here yesterday. Taking little stops in the towns along the way. I was happy to stop in Luckenbach Texas but sad to say I did not get to drink a beer there. I was the driver so no booze! We ate at a place called the Hungry Horse and boy was I full! Later that night my other friend Julie went out to the rented car we had to retrieve some items. Luck be it, she locked the keys in the trunk. So we had to call the rental company to get AAA to come to the rescue. Well the gentleman showed up after 11 pm and essential broke in the car. Of course now the horn was blaring waking all around. He had to crawl across the front seat to the back seat to the trunk to get the keys and disable the alarm. Nice to know that no one called the police so would not be hard to steal a car in this neighborhood would it?

Today we walked through the botanical gardens in San Antonio. It was beautiful. And in one garden they had a coffee tree, a chocolate tree, a tapioca plant, a vanilla plant and a banana tree. I could live in that garden for sure! All my wonderful vices in one place. My bestest friend has a 3 yr old daughter. So plenty of exercise chasing her down. How do these lil ones get so much energy? Those lil legs sure can run.

Tonight we are going to listen to Native American flutes being places is a cave called "The Cave with No Name". I am interested in how it will sound echoing off the water laden walls. I am told that it can be quite cold there so I have to bundle up. Gosh with the hot flashes I have I think I may just love a place that can cool me off.

Well yall have a great time this weekend. I sure am enjoying mine! Hopefully tomorrow you will be greeted by Nessa. She is suppose to do a guest post.


  1. Congrats!! You won the Twilight DVD.s Hannah picked your name and said, "LYE NETT"s "LYE NETT" is the winner mom.s :) s Email me your address, and I'll get it to you!

  2. Well, I am apparently not doing a guest post as I cannot find where in the world I stashed your log in info! If you happen to see this before you get home tomorrow, email me the info!
    Hope you are having a blast!

  3. Sounds like a fun trip!
    Congrats on winning the Twilight DVD. How awesome is that?


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