I Am Not Bailing Out AIG

The economy is getting tougher and tougher for everyone. I am not immune to this. And I am having to shop for a new car insurance. You see I have AIG. Well they have changed their name to 21st Century Insurance. And of course, my rates have increased. So as always I am off on the world wide web to find the best deal.

We are insuring a van for my mother, a 1980's mustang for CG and my inherited Dodge. I found Autonet Van Insurance and was pretty excited. It claims to have unbeatable van insurance quotes. Well I need that for sure. So I popped on over. Well I then saw they had car insurance, home owners and wow all kinds. Pet insurance (I never knew), travel insurance, courier insurance (hummm), even business and caravan insurances. Well they seem to be able to cover all kinds of needs. Top it off with up to 70% off of van insurance. I am more than ready to get a quote. Click the magic button.

Ding, Ding! Nope not for all my savings. But for me not looking well enough. I would love to tell you of all my savings. Sad to say I do not live in the UK. So nix that for me. If you do live there then check them out and see what you save. (Let me know!)


  1. no way!!! aig is 21st century?! those rats!!!

  2. I don't like in the UK (obviously) and I don't have a van...s darn my luck ;)

  3. Oh my, that should say I don't "LIVE" in the UK.... I "LIKE" the UK just fine.s Don't want people storming my blog, asking me what I've got against the UK

  4. All of this time *I* thought I followed you...and I didn't...so now I do.


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