Energy in Powders

Well as most of you know I joined Curves. Well I was able to because my insurance is paying for it. YIPEE! But I am not attending as well as I should. Being alone is not real fun. I am trying though.

I have seen that many places also encourage you to do supplements. So I thought I would check out what some of them are. When one with organic whey said it would reduce stress and help alleviate depression. It also said it promotes fat loss. Well that caught my attention. Since I have been on medication for depression for over 10 years and of course I am more than chubby these are key words for me. These protein shots are suppose to boost your energy levels. Well I know I can always use a boost in energy.

Well with my budget it would have to be cheap protein powder. I have not ever tried these type of drinks or shakes. Have you? Did they help? Is it worth the investment? Let me know as I am researching what is best to do. So far I am sticking to good ol' fashion food that I love. (Thus the chubbiness).

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  1. Hey, I think the fact you are going at all is fantastic! BTW, when is the promotion about joining with the fee waved or whatever? Wasn't that this month? Let me know!


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