Fine Dining

Well I have just had a lovely lunch with my DH and Mom.
We dined in a well lit room surrounded by beautiful green plants with lots of natural light streaming in. We were seated at an antique table with plenty of attentive service. And the meal could not have been nicer. An appetizer of pate', swiss cheese and french bread started us off. Then we had a lovely wild green salad served with crisp green apples and grilled steak sauteed in a cream sauce. Lovely steamed new and purple potatoes were served alongside with fresh butter and parsley. It was all topped off delicious hot coffee and cream.

You may wonder where in lil ol nowhere Texas we found such a dining establishment? It was not hard at all. We simply sat down in our dining room and supped on left overs.

You know life is lived in the way you look at things.


  1. that's it... im coming to YOUR house!!! leave the lights on!!!

  2. Yummy! That sounds so great! But, I'm not sure attentive service counts when you are serving yourself. Or were the doggies doing it? Glad y'all had a great lunch!

  3. LOL Attentive service was the doggies all waiting to "wash" the dishes. And Annie you know I always leave the lights on for you!

  4. Cute!!!! The pic sure is nice though! But the dinner sounds fantastic!!!!

  5. Wow, that sounds wonderful! What time is dinner?


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