Your Top Dog

I have tried so many social sites.
Have you?

I started with MySpace since I had family there.
I found that the only thing they did there was play games.
Then moved over to CafeMom thinking I would have more people like me there.
The only person I ever connected to was Nessa and that was after we met in real life.
I then tried FaceBook.
It did help me find more people I had lost touch with.
You know there is a reason you lose touch with people.
Mostly because you really don't have anything in common.
I have recently looked at SocialSpark
I don't know if they will do any better.

What has been the best about helping me connect with others?
Yeah, You guessed it!

This lovely lil blog and all of yours that I read has made the most impact on me.

I just wanted to say Thank You
Y'all are the BEST!


  1. i tried cafemom for a while and had such a bad experience there it scared me away for a good long while. i still go over andcheck the site once in a while, though. but im glad i connected to you... through SITS, i think!!!

  2. Wow, I think we have traveled the same path. I like blogspot the best.

  3. I never cared for myspace. I do like facebook though. It is mainly a quick way to keep in touch with long distance family, but you're right, blogspot is the best!


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