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I found this over at Willow Lake Scents Blog and just had to join in. I'm all about Random Acts of Kindness & Paying it Forward ! So, here's the deal... The first 3 people to comment on this post and agree to Pay it Forward to 3 people on their blog will within the next 365 days ~ receive a gift of love from me in the mail! That's all... just leave a comment and then post about it on your blog. Then the 1st 3 people to leave you a comment and agree to pay it forward to 3 more people on their blog ~ you send them a gift! This is such a GREAT idea. You never know when you'll get a "surprise" gift from a blogging buddy ! SO... Who's first??

nessa said...

This is Nessa and I am the first!!! Of course.
So I get a gift from you and I will be PIF too! Yippeeeee!

Blogger penguinsandladybugs said...

What a cute idea....I love it! I'm in!

Blogger Mama Krit said...

What a cute idea! I am in.


Bookworm Meme that Nessa tagged me with. I've seen this on lots of blogs and think it's fun! Now what is a Meme? It is a word used to describe a catchphrase or concept that spreads quickly from person to person via the blog world, much like an inside joke.

Now this meme involves opening the closest book to you, not your favorite or most intellectual book, but the closest book to you at the moment, turn to page 56. Write the fifth sentence, as well as two to five sentences following that. Then pass it on to five bloggers.

So sitting here at my desk right now I have a choice of phone books or old first editions. I just do not think the phone book would be that interesting. So I picked up the Story of Lindbergh from 1930.

Well it goes from chapter 5 to chapter 9 or page 41 to page 73 so I guess this is not the one either. LOL
So instead we have a 1919 cookbook of Recipes for Everyday.

It goes like this:

The cakes are baked when they feel light when lifted in the hand and the sides are delicately browned.

This sentence comes from a recipe for Chocolate Eclairs (Chou Paste)

Now I can add a line or two after this but I would prefer to just share the recipe. You agree?

Chocolate Eclairs (Chou Paste)

1/2 cupful Crisco 1/2 teaspoonful salt
1 cupful boiling water 1 cupful wheat flour
3 eggs

Put the Crisco, boiling water and salt over the fire: when boiling sift in the flour (also sifted before measuring) and stir and cook until the mixture may be gathered into a compact mass: turn into a mixing bowl, break in one egg, beat until the mixture is smooth, then beat in the second egg and when the mixture is smooth, the last egg. With two teaspoons spread the mixture on Criscoed baking pans in strips about four inches long and an inch and a half wide. Bake about 25 minutes. The oven should be hot on the bottom. The cakes are baked when they feel light when lifted in the hand and the sides are delicately browned. When cold split on one side and fill with English cream; invert and spread the smooth side with chocolate frosting. This frosting may be chocolate fondant or a simple frosting made of confectioner's sugar. The recipe makes 18 eclairs.

The recipes continue with English Cream for Eclairs and Confectioner's Chocolate Frosting. If y'all are interested then I can record these later.

Now for the 5 bloggers I am tagging. These are my 5 newest followers. Thanks ladies!
Deborah at Coco Bonbons
Deborah at Coco Bonbons

Nessa has tagged me with this really fun bag tag!

Here are the tag rules:

1) Post a picture of whatever bag you are carrying as of late. No, you cannot go up to your closet and pull out that cute little purse you used back before you had kids. I want to know what you carried today.

This is the one I have been carrying since this summer. I really like the whimsy of it and it is so so so girly .

2) I want to know how much it cost. And this is not to judge, because I’m honestly telling you I was ready to put down some cash; I just got lucky. This is for entertainment purposes only. So spill it. And if there is a story to go along with how you obtained it, I’d love to hear it.

I purchased this at a garage sale for $1.00. Of course most things I get are from garage sales and the local clothes closet.

3) Tag some chicks. And link back to this post so people know why the heck you’re showing everyone your diaper bag/non-diaper bag.

My chicks I tagged. You like being a chick?
These are my next 5 newest followers.
I appreciate it much, Ladies.


  1. Hi I am hijacking your blog to comment. This is Nessa and I am the first!!! Of course.
    So I get a gift from you and I will be PIF too! Yippeeeee!

  2. What a cute idea....I love it! I'm in!

  3. What a cute idea! I am in. Thanks for tagging me. :)

  4. I need your shipping address !! I've already been shopping for my PIF's ~ lol ! Email me :


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