Time To Make The Dinner

1st things first.

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Well it is Sunday and I felt like we needed a good meal.
Also I found a great deal at the store yesterday too!

Greens were on sale.

3 bunches for $1.00. Well that is my kinda price tag. So we purchased $2.00 worth and today I sat and "deveined" them. Took all the stalks to the goat at my cousin's house so he would enjoy a good meal too. Next it was time to take out some aggression and tear those leaves up for bite size pieces. Plopped them in a pot of hot water and started adding seasoning. Figured some garlic, onion, pepper and lemon salt should do the trick.

I thawed out the corned beef that I had purchased at an earlier sale. It is now in a roasting pan simmering in its own juices with seasonings too.

I plan on frying up some tators with onions.

(Yum) And my dear hubby has asked that I do up some cornbread or biscuits.

We also have a deep dish homemade cherry pie that a friend of mine made.

We had covered it and put it in the freeze. At the time there was just too many sweets and we did not want to loose this one. So it is now on the table defrosting so we can enjoy pie and ice cream for dessert.

I was wondering what's for dinner at your house?

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  1. im about ready to collapse after the grand feast we had at my house last night - have to say yours looks really yummy too!!! tonightwe had a take out chicken and ham leftovers, mashed potatoes and string bean casserole and fresh crescent rolls. there's still ice cream cake and sour milk cake for dessert. i love big meals on sundays!


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