VoilĂ ! Hallah Egg Bread

I love to cook but am not the best when it comes to bread making.  I have taken a stab or two at it with a bread machine.  But I do not care for the box shape I get.  Never been to successful with yeast.  Pretty good at killing it.  So you can guess I was worried when I tried again this last week.

Here is how it went.

I gathered up all of my ingredients first.  You notice that there was not a big tub of flour there....right?

Instead there is a box of VoilĂ ! Hallah Egg Bread mix.  It has the yeast in one package and the special flour in another.  Sure did help where I did not have to measure or buy a flour I do not normally have on hand either.  I wanted to make Hallah bread with Easter coming up.  But knowing that I never had I thought I had better do a test run first.  

Here is my flour mix with the yeast in the middle.  I then added my warm water.  It sat for about 5 minutes and started bubbling up.

Then I measured my eggs, oil and honey to add in.

Easy enough to just pour in this way.

Turn the machine on and let the bread hook do all the work.

I put out a piece of saran wrap that I oiled down.  Turned out the dough when it was through mixing.  Oiled it and patted it into a round and let it rise.

When that was done, I separated it into three sections.  Then I made each section into a long roll.  I made a braid out of it then.  I could had done this into a six braid but I am not too sure of my braiding skills to try to tell the truth.

I was pretty happy with the way it turned out.

It said to put egg white on the top and I thought this was the easy way.  Hey, why waste the yokes?  I use egg whites for most of my cooking now so I normally have a carton on hand like this.

Not too shabby for me!

Oh now for the taste test with some butter on top.  Let me also tell you this is the FIRST bread I have had in 3 months since my surgery.

Heaven sent.  I have never had Hallah bread before.  This is lightly sweet and has a soft center with a nice crust on the outside.  And was really easy to make.  Oh my goodness, I now want to eat the whole loaf.  It seems I will be visiting The Other Mother to share so I can save my tummy. 

Now you do not have to give this away.  As a matter of fact you can win the same three boxes all for yourself!  Or pick them up at your local Walmart. 

Traditional Egg Bread Mix
For those asking “what is hallah (challah) bread,” our Traditional is the classic egg bread baked at home for generations around the world. This blend of carefully selected premium ingredients bakes into a fragrant Hallah, a nourishment for the soul as much as the body. 

Ingredients: Unbleached unenriched wheat flour, unbleached and enriched wheat flour (niacin, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, folic acid, malted barley flour), turbinado sugar, sea salt, and organic flavor. MSRP: $5.99  (now is that not an affordable price?) 

Wholey Wheat Egg Bread Mix
Nourishing and delicious, our Wholey Wheat is made from premium organic whole grain wheat flour. It bakes into a honey infused Hallah loaf rich with old-world authenticity.  

Ingredients: Organic whole grain wheat flour, brown sugar, turbinado sugar, sea salt, and organic flavor. MSRP: $5.99  (I would be spending more than that trying to get all of these items!)

Simply Spelt Egg Bread Mix
Our Simply Spelt is made from organic ancient whole grain Spelt flour. Spelt’s natural high content of fiber, vitamins, and minerals – combined with its unique, subtly sweet, nutty flavor — makes our Simply Spelt nutritious and delicious.

Ingredients: Organic whole grain spelt flour, brown sugar, turbinado sugar, sea salt, and organic flavor.   MSRP: $6.99  (And there is no way I could ever get spelt flour where I live!)

Tribes-A-Dozen hallah bread mixes are quick, easy, and totally delicious. (Kosher and environmentally friendly, too.) Foolproof enough to delight the baking novice like me.  Make sure to enter using the Rafflecopter below.  Part of entering is finding Tribes-A-Dozen on Facebook and Twitter.  It is easy enough, you can follow the links here or in the Rafflecopter.n And have a piece just for me....oh it was so yummmy.....I want to eat some more!

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